Interview: Cavan Brady

13 May 2016
1910 Views sat down with Cavan Brady ( ) to get to know him and learn about this young, talented artist.

Cavan Brady, his real name, is from Atlanta, Georgia. He’s 17 and currently enrolled in BLANK High School. His plans for the future regarding education include tech college with a focus on the business aspect of music.

Onto the interview:

Cavan Brady

Cavan Brady

scoggs: You are a fairly new and unknown producer. What steps have you taken so far to plant yourself as a musical artist?
Cavan Brady: From the moment I started putting music out online I’ve started making friends in the scene from all over. I have friends in Finland, Norway, Australia, Canada, Mexico, and the list goes on. I guess what I’m trying to say is I’ve been focusing on building and maintaining relationships with people who can possibly be beneficial to what I want to do. Joining collectives, doing remixes, producing for rappers or vocalists, and just talking to a ton of cool people.
s: What guided those decisions? Was it other producers success stories? Was it guidance from an older musician? Your own research?
CB: Nothing really, I just kinda do what I feel like will work. If I like a collective and they want me in, I have no problem doing so. No one told me to go and make connections, I just went looking for friends.
s: Please state some of your earliest influences in list form. Then create another list of your current influences.
CB: Oh, boy. There’s so many.


  • Nirvana
  • Skrillex
  • Netsky
  • Seven Lions
  • Above and Beyond

Back then I was all over the place in terms of sound and where I drew influence from but over time I’ve narrowed my sound down a bit


  • Caspian
  • Explosians In The Sky
  • Lowercase Noises
  • Brian ENO
  • Mark Arkinson
  • Drake
  • Future
  • HXV
  • Y2K
  • Like all of the guys over at BAEWAVE
  • And all of my friends in one way or another
s: Now that you’ve stated your influences how would you like to build upon their achievements / sound? What elements would you like to take and how do you strategize to do things “bigger” and “better” than them from a personal standpoint?
CB: At the top of the list are a bunch of ambient artists who massively took me into a different direction than I was going before. Brian Eno is huge to me. Then Mark Arkinson, Y2K, BAEWAVE are just the exact style of electronic music I fell in love with alittle over a year ago. They make some of the best tunes I hear around rn. And future and HXV because trap haha.
s: Is a career in music in the cards for Cavan Brady?
CB: It’s my only card to be honest. That’s a bit of an overstatement but in all honesty music is the only thing I want to do for the rest of my life and I’d do anything for that.
s: How do important people in your life (Family, close friends, significant others, etc.) factor into your decision to persue music? Do they support you or oppose those decisions? How does all of that make you feel?
CB: A lot of my family and friends support me heavily in my music and I’m very thankful for that. A lot of my music is written about people I’m close to so they affect what I make a lot.
s: Name three artists you’d love to tour with and why.

  1. DJ McChicken, dude just knows how to party and put on a good set
  2. Voltrexx, he’s such a nice guy to be around and I know for a fact that his shows would be something to dream about.
  3. lil yachty, because he’s lil yachty.
s: If you were in charge of giving those three artists tasks to ensure a fun and memorable tour what would those jobs be and who would get which one?
CB: DJ McChicken I would say should set the shows up
Voltrexx on the vibe and artistic direction
Y2K on promoting and getting people to come out
s: If and when you get to where you want to go in music what will you do with the fame, fortune, money, and opportunity to enact change through art?
CB: My main goal with music is to make people happy, if I can do that I’ll be happy. Beyond that if I can make the world a better place in someway, I won’t hesitate at the chance.
s: What do you think some of the best mediums for exposure and discovering new types of musical art are in 2016?
CB: As much as people may hate what it’s been doing lately, soundcloud is still the best. Bandcamp also has a goldmine of undiscovered music to sift through.
s: What are the five most important items you would pack for a 3 month, nation-wide tour?
CB: Phone, clothes, toothbrush, shampoo, and friends (does this count as one? Lol)
s: What are your views on Nightcore (NXC)?
CB: It’s fun, just don’t get egotistical over it.
s: How do you deal with “beefs” and trolling withing your section / genre / general population of music in social media? What are your thoughts on the groups that form and their tendency to group up and bully each other while they may be on the forefront of bashing things like bullying, lack of inequality, and other social issues that plague society well beyond art and music?
CB: I hate it. negativity is the worse thing that people can bring to music. Putting anger out into lyrics is great, but don’t go on Twitter and talk shit to some kid. I’ve seen whole collective’s attack one kid for almost no reason. That’s never cool and I don’t think anyone should let it happen.
s: Any shout outs?
CB: Shout out ember collective, gei//sha, all my irl & url friends,
s: Name three lesser known artists you think every music fan should know about and why. Please, link their Soundclouds!
Different Note
s: Any last words?
CB: I love you
s: Any questions for me?
CB: how ya feelin?
s: I’m great and excited for the site launch, thanks!